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DIY divorce goes online in Virginia (access required)

Online divorce

Divorce lawyers often face people who want a simple divorce but can’t afford to pay. Lawyers now have an option other than the legal aid telephone number to make referrals: an online interactive tool designed for do-it-yourself divorces. The program ...

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Top security threats to watch for in 2015 (access required)


Every year brings new technology enhancements and opportunities, as well as security issues to go along with them. So far, it looks like 2015 should be a doozy. Whether you’re operating a small law practice or managing IT remotely for ...

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Dealing with assets from cyberspace (access required)


Planning for special assets and changes in the law brought about by social and technological advances poses a constant challenge to estate planners. For example, suddenly, it seemed, real estate became condominiums and cooperatives, and trusts were not only for ...

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Snooping for digital dirt (access required)

Digital spy cr

Divorce lawyers, beware. Tech-savvy clients may be arriving at your office bringing a host of ethical – and even criminal – problems wrapped up with their domestic cases. They may be using cell phone software to illegally gather information, or ...

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Be careful when replying to obnoxious client messages (access required)


Plenty of businesses are open or on call around the clock. There’s no particular reason that a bookstore or a dry cleaning business needs to be open all night, but a taxi company, or a towing company, or even a ...

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Tech Toolkit: 3 tips to improve mobile security (access required)


At this point, it’s almost impossible to recall a time before smartphones and nonstop connection. The efficiency and always-on gains seen by mobile technology has come at a price, however. According to security firm Kaspersky Lab, mobile is becoming one ...

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Bar still seeks comment on tech-awareness rules (access required)

VSB resp2

The Virginia State Bar Standing Committee on Legal Ethics hopes to spark more dialogue on proposed rules changes requiring lawyers to have some level of familiarity with modern technology as it affects their law practices. Because only six lawyers commented ...

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