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Windows XP users need to be wary of April 8 (access required)

Computer windows XP copy

April 8 may be a holiday for hackers, who could be poised to take advantage of computer users – including some law firms – who are still using the Windows XP operating system. Microsoft has announced that on April 8, ...

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Cell phone search cases implicate broad privacy interests (access required)


WASHINGTON — Faced with a pair of cases raising the issue of warrantless searching of arrestees’ cell phones, the U.S. Supreme Court will again need to apply centuries-old constitutional principles to rapidly changing technologies. The justices’ analysis of this issue ...

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A revolution for real estate apps? (access required)

Some industries are more geared for mobile applications than others. Construction, for example, benefits greatly from the flexibility that apps provide, but professions like accounting or human resources don’t have much need to be mobile. Real estate falls into the ...

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