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Hiding a fugitive? Don’t ‘like’ your local sheriff

A woman near Bluefield found out the hard way about the perils of social media. When she clicked the “like” button on the Facebook page of the county sheriff, her fugitive boyfriend ended up in jail and the girlfriend now ...

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Social Media: To Link or not to Link (access required)

Should you accept a LinkedIn invitation from someone you don’t know? What about someone whose reputation is questionable? When people ask me questions about whether or not to “link,” they are usually not asking about the business benefits; they’re often ...

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Apple Kool-Aid, made sweeter

If you’ve got an iPad or an iPhone, or both, you’ll want to check out the Wall Street Journal’s list of tips and tricks every iOwner should know. For example, you can take a screenshot by pressing two buttons together ...

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Court electronic filing systems advancing

Proponents of the paperless clerk’s office held forth in Portsmouth last week at the annual gathering of the Virginia Court Clerks’ Association. E-data pioneer Jack Kennedy, clerk of the Wise County Circuit Court, joined the county circuit judge and the ...

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Law firm tech experts can do the hand-holding (access required)

A client may tremble with fear or fume with annoyance when asked to produce electronic data. It’s up to the legal support team to talk the client down from the ledge. Planning is key, whether a law firm is using ...

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Employers face risk if rules on work use of personal devices aren’t clear (access required)

Employers are increasingly allowing their employees to use their own laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices for work purposes – and that is creating a plethora of potential legal issues. Employment defense lawyers say that every business should have ...

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