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Smartphone data more important in litigation (access required)

Smartphones are increasingly becoming not just useful tools for lawyers on the go, but potentially important factors in litigation. Requesting smartphone data as part of electronic discovery “is something lawyers should think about both from an offensive and defensive perspective,” ...

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Sticking to the script: Ethics issues can arise with metadata mining (access required)

Electronic documents can tell a tale at odds with the surface script, and dealing with “metadata” can present temptations to corporate counsel when an email hits the wrong person’s inbox. Metadata includes the hidden information that describes the history, tracking ...

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Tips for using Microsoft Outlook meeting requests (access required)

Many lawyers use Microsoft Outlook to schedule meetings, but there are hidden ways to gain even more from this feature of the software. Deborah Savadra, editor of legalofficeguru.com and a legal assistant in Mobile, Ala., offered the following tips for ...

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The email revolution: More than just a smiley face (access required)

Years ago, the daily mail delivery was a major event at our law firm. In fact, we had a staff person assigned to walk to the Post Office sorting room every day at 10 a.m., so we didn’t have to ...

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Do Google’s privacy changes affect your law practice? (access required)

Changes to Google’s privacy policies have created an uproar globally over concerns that the Internet behemoth has consolidated its information gathering without revealing how it will use that information and giving users no chance to opt out. Lawyers who use ...

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