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Criminal procedure in Mayberry

The late great Andy Griffith passed away earlier this week. Who knew that tucked away in an old episode of “The Andy Griffith Show,” there is a clip of Sheriff Andy Taylor giving his son Opie a lesson in attorney-client ...

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Art imitates journalism

If you’re a fan of the TV show “Mad Men,” as I am, you’re glad that the 17-month wait for season five is over. Last Sunday, AMC aired two hours of the show, giving Mad Men-iacs a new dose of ...

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Lawyer Could-Have-Been: Cris Collinsworth

The NFL season opened this past weekend, and hope is everywhere. From Miami to Seattle to Houston to … Washington? In honor of Week 1, here’s a Lawyer Could-Have-Been – Cris Collinsworth, the one-time Cincinnati Bengal who took over John ...

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