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No ‘Publication’ for Defamation Claims (access required)

In this suit by three employees discharged by defendant IBM, the Fairfax Circuit Court sustains demurrers filed by IBM and individual defendants to plaintiffs’ claims for defamation, conspiracy, tortious interference and negligent retention, arising from allegations that plaintiffs were terminated ...

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Aircraft Certification is ‘Discretionary’ (access required)

A helicopter flight instructor cannot sue the Federal Aviation Administration for alleged harm to his flight instruction business resulting from the FAA’s suspension of an airworthiness certification of the helicopter leased by the instructor; the 4th Circuit affirms the district ...

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Trade Secret Damage Award Reduced (access required)

Following a jury verdict awarding plaintiff  $919.9 million in compensatory damages for defendant’s willful and malicious misappropriation of 149 trade secrets, the Richmond U.S. District Court awards plaintiff $350,000 in punitive damages:  Virginia’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act caps punitive damages ...

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Defamation Claim for Inspection Comment (access required)

Taken in context, defendant’s alleged statement that he relied on plaintiff’s “description of a wall’s construction” when he prepared a letter about inspection of a retaining wall can be viewed as defamatory, and the Louisa County Circuit Court overrules defendant’s ...

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