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FDCPA Claim Sticks to Foreclosure Operation (access required)

Plaintiffs who lost their homes to foreclosure have stated a class count for FDCPA violations because defendants’ debt collection communications, viewed collectively, could plausibly mislead the least sophisticated consumer and affect his ability to make intelligent decisions with respect to ...

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No Sexual Harassment Suit for Postal Worker (access required)

The Richmond U.S. District Court rejects plaintiff postal worker’s Title VII complaint of gender-based disparate treatment, as she actually received a promotion when she returned to work after filing her EEOC complaint and being on unpaid-leave status for medical reasons ...

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ADA Settlement Enforced by Court (access required)

A protective services company that settled a failure-to-hire disability discrimination case by agreeing to pay plaintiff $72,000, including attorney’s fees of $28,800, and that has failed to make payments, appear in court or respond to its lawyer’s attempts to contact ...

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Court Applies Test to Depose Opposing Counsel (access required)

In Ford Motor Company’s suit against National Indemnity Company for tortious interference with contract and business conspiracy, defendant NICO may not take the deposition of Ford’s lawyer to support its claim that the lawyer’s communications to NICO’s lawyer prompted Ford ...

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