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No ‘Bias’ Recusal After Seven-Week Trial (access required)

Defendant Kolon Industries, who lost a multi-million dollar suit filed by plaintiff DuPont alleging misappropriation of trade secrets involving DuPont’s KEVLAR aramid fibers, loses its post-trial recusal motion in Richmond U.S. District Court contending the presiding judge, a former law ...

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Copyright Suit Against Builder Dismissed (access required)

A Norfolk U.S. District Court dismisses a Florida architectural firm’s suit against a Virginia Beach customer home builder for copyright infringement, which fails to detail how defendants might have gained access to plaintiff’s copyrighted works or copied them; despite plaintiff’s ...

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No Benefits After Nondisclosure of Medical Tests (access required)

A decedent’s failure to disclose on a life insurance application his abnormal liver function tests, abnormal abdominal ultrasound and a doctor’s recommendation for a GI workup and his symptoms of sleep apnea, made material misrepresentations on his application, and his ...

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