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Software Engineer States Age Bias Claim (access required)

A 53-year-old male African-American computer software engineer with extensive military intelligence experience and 12 years’ experience working as a computer software engineer for defense contractors has stated a claim for failure to hire in violation of the Age Discrimination in ...

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No ‘Prevailing Party’ from Dismissal (access required)

A defendant accused of illegally downloading adult content films from plaintiff’s website was not a “prevailing party” entitled to attorney’s fees under federal copyright law because the parties entered a joint stipulation of dismissal without judicial involvement; the Alexandria U.S. ...

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Drivers’ HOT-Lanes Challenge Advances (access required)

In plaintiff commuters’ suit alleging defendant operators of the High-Occupancy Toll Roads in Northern Virginia violated various federal and state laws by assessing massive fees and penalties for minor toll violations, the Alexandria U.S. District Court dismisses plaintiffs’ claims alleging ...

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Course Prep Company Has Copyright Claim (access required)

Plaintiff test preparation company has stated a copyright infringement claim against a competitor by alleging defendant used its original copyrighted materials, including its bestselling “PMP Exam Prep” book in a January 2015 course to prepare for project manager tests; the ...

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No Standing for NSA Surveillance Claims (access required)

Plaintiff organizations that communicate over the Internet, including lead plaintiff Wikimedia Foundation, do not have standing to sue for violation of First and Fourth Amendment rights by defendants, including the National Security Agency, through a program of “Upstream” surveillance that ...

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