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No ADA Claim for Student Debt Collection (access required)

A lender trying to recover $4,444 in student loan debt from plaintiff wins summary judgment in plaintiff’s suit in Alexandria U.S. District Court alleging the lender’s ostensibly routine collection action violated the Americans with Disabilities Act and Arkansas malicious prosecution ...

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Claims Dismissed Against Insurance Adjusters (access required)

A Richmond U.S. District Court denies remand of an auto-accident plaintiff’s suit because  of his fraudulent joinder of nondiverse defendants, including insurance adjusters, who were not named in the assignment of rights under which plaintiff is suing; the Richmond U.S. ...

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Counsel Not ‘Ineffective’ at Sentencing (access required)

A Newport News U.S. District Court denies petitioner’s motion claiming his trial counsel was constitutionally ineffective when counsel failed to object to a sentencing enhancement based on petitioner’s prior convictions for unlawful wounding and a drug conviction pursuant to an ...

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