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Default Judgment Not Barred by Statute of Frauds (access required)

A Norfolk U.S. District Court enters default judgment for plaintiff diving company in its suit on a maritime contract alleging defendant demolition company failed to pay for plaintiff’s diving services in a salvage operation for the barge Becky Thatcher; the ...

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Resentencing Ordered on Ineffective Assistance Claim (access required)

Petitioner’s trial counsel provided constitutionally ineffective assistance of counsel when he failed to object to the drug amount attributable to petitioner on the ground that some of the pills charged to the conspiracy were obtained and used by petitioner pursuant ...

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Shareholder Can’t Stop Merger Vote (access required)

In plaintiff shareholder’s suit alleging defendants violated federal securities law by providing false, misleading and incomplete information in a proxy statement and that defendant board members had conflicts of interest, a Richmond U.S. District Court denies plaintiff’s motion for a ...

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Jurisdiction Covered by Notice & Complaint (access required)

A Richmond U.S. District Court says an assignee of an auto-accident tortfeasor’s rights against his auto liability insurance carrier may amend his notice of removal in a breach-of-contract/bad faith suit against carrier representatives who failed to settle the claim against ...

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