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Fair Credit Claim Belongs in Federal Court (access required)

Plaintiff homeowners who alleged defendants wrongfully foreclosed on their home and then failed to follow through on a settlement agreement, must pursue their claims, including breach of contract claims in federal court; the Norfolk U.S. District Court says plaintiff’s claim ...

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Valve Only Used for ‘Ordinary Purpose’ (access required)

In Norfolk Coating’s suit against Sherwin-Williams for breach of contract, breach of implied warranty and fraud related to Sherwin-Williams’ allegedly faulty refurbishment of a sprayer that resulted in peeling paint on ballast tanks painted by Norfolk Coating, the Norfolk U.S. ...

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Court Sees ‘Judicial Admission’ in Pleadings, Brief (access required)

In a contract for plaintiff VIA design firm to perform architectural services for development of a historical building in downtown Norfolk, defendant U.S. Development Company cannot now deny it was a party to the contract; the Norfolk U.S. District Court ...

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Arbitrator Can Decide ‘Arbitrability’ (access required)

In plaintiff’s suit seeking to terminate its requirements contract with defendant Ethyl Corporation for a lead-based fuel additive, the Richmond U.S. District Court says the contract’s arbitration clause commits questions of arbitrability to the arbitrator, and the court dismisses plaintiff’s ...

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Navy SEAL Training Accident Suit Stays In Virginia (access required)

In this personal injury suit filed by a civilian contractor allegedly injured in a vehicle during a military training exercise with U.S. Navy SEALS at the Playas Training Center in New Mexico, the Richmond U.S. District Court grants defendant government’s ...

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No ADA Claim for Contract Nonrenewal (access required)

A transit security technician with the U.S. State Department who alleges his annual contract was not renewed after he requested a rest stop for overseas air travel to Islamabad, supported by a psychiatrist’s letter documenting the technician’s claustrophobia, has not ...

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