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Search of Cuffed Defendant’s Coat Was Illegal (access required)

A police officer violated defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights when he searched defendant’s coat and found a handgun after defendant had voluntarily submitted to being handcuffed for arrest on a warrant for violation of federal supervised release; with no controlling 4th ...

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Employer Wins Injunction Against Account Manager (access required)

A Virginia Beach military support contractor wins a preliminary injunction against its former regional account manager for Hawaii and Korea, for his alleged violation of a nonsolicitation clause in his Employment Agreement that covers his continued contacts with the U.S. ...

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FCRA Claim Fails Against Auto Dealer (access required)

Although plaintiff claims defendants, an automotive dealership and seven lenders that finance automotive purchases, gained unauthorized access to his credit reports in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Alexandria U.S. District Court dismisses his suit because he failed ...

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