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Officers Settle Overtime-Pay Case for $3.2M (access required)

A Norfolk U.S. District Court approves a settlement agreement in this overtime-pay class action filed by plaintiffs, past and current law enforcement officers, that provides a total settlement fund of $3.2 million, including over $1.2 million in plaintiffs’ attorney’s fees ...

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Fraud-Prevention Software Case Not Stayed (access required)

In this patent infringement suit involving a patented real estate settlement fraud prevention software system, the Norfolk U.S. District Court grants defendants’ motion to stay the patent infringement claim and associated counterclaims, as the Patent Trial and Appeal Board has ...

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Sole Sex Conversation No Basis for Suit (access required)

A former human resources coordinator loses her Title VII suit alleging she was fired in retaliation for complaints about a single incident involving a sexually explicit conversation in the office of plaintiff’s supervisor, as the Richmond U.S. District Court grants ...

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Defendant Had Rule 55 Default Notice (access required)

Although defendant attempted to evade service of plaintiff’s motion for default judgment in this suit alleging infringement of plaintiff’s patent for protective cases for portable computing devices, the Norfolk U.S. District Court finds Rule 55 governing notice has been satisfied, ...

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Plaintiff’s Suit Moved to Home Forum (access required)

A Richmond U.S. District Court grants defendant credit union’s motion to transfer to the Alexandria Division, plaintiff’s home forum, this suit alleging defendants’ unauthorized access and use of plaintiff’s consumer report violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Plaintiff resides in ...

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Court Rejects ‘Conditional’ Acceptance of Rule 68 Offer (access required)

In this copyright suit, defendant said its original Rule 68 offer of judgment for $100,000 included attorney’s fees, and because the lawyers continued to debate whether fees were included, the Richmond U.S. District Court strikes plaintiff’s notice of acceptance of ...

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