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Creditor’s Claim to Forfeited Property Denied (access required)

In the wake of the prosecution of defendant cigarette manufacturer and forfeiture of its property, an Abingdon U.S. District Court accepts a magistrate judge’s recommendation to dismiss a claim to the forfeited property filed by petitioner, a supplier of cigarette ...

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Company, Not Manager, Was Insurance ‘Applicant’ (access required)

An insurance carrier must cover fire damage to an auction company’s property occurring two months after the policy issued, even though the sole member/manager of the company had prior convictions for obtaining money by false pretenses for paying people to ...

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Unclear Deadline Creates ‘Excusable Neglect’ (access required)

An Abingdon U.S. District Court grants an extension of time for plaintiffs to respond to defendants’ summary judgment motion, as ambiguity in the scheduling orders supports plaintiffs’ claim of excusable neglect. In the initial scheduling order, the court instructed the ...

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