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Plaintiff’s Experts Allowed on Spinal Fracture (access required)

A woman injured in a car accident who is suing defendants for medical malpractice in failing to immobilize her unstable spinal fracture and ordering physical therapy without performing CT scans or film studies, may use expert testimony from a board-certified ...

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Counting Doctor Visits for ‘Chronic’ Condition (access required)

A Harrisonburg U.S. District Court denies partial summary judgment to a plaintiff who alleges her mental health problems constituted a “chronic serious health condition” under the Family and Medical Leave Act. A “chronic serious health condition” under the FMLA is ...

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No Fraud Claim Against Contractor Employees (access required)

Two counties that hired defendant contractor to expand, install and maintain communications systems for local law enforcement and emergency services, and who allege the contractor substituted inferior, substandard and defective equipment, have failed to state claims for fraud in the ...

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Venue Transfer Denied in Trade Secret Case (access required)

Although plaintiff, a Virginia limited liability corporation, is moving some of its operations to Durham, N.C., the company president’s declarations indicate its headquarters still are located in Radford, Va., where the president maintains a home and where significant corporate records ...

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