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T-Shirt Copyright Case Goes to Trial (access required)

A Charlottesville U.S. District Court says plaintiff owner of copyrights for t-shirt designs may try its claims for copyright infringement, breach of contract, tortious interference and unjust enrichment, for defendant’s alleged conduct of continuing to sell plaintiff’s copyrighted designs after ...

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Court May Restrain Substitute Assets for Forfeiture (access required)

A Harrisonburg U.S. District Court denies a motion for release from forfeiture of $20.9 million in assets of a defendant charged with contraband cigarette trafficking and money laundering; the court says probable cause supports the forfeiture, the 4th Circuit authorizes ...

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‘Continuing Violation’ Saves Fair Housing Claim (access required)

Plaintiff fair housing advocates have stated a timely claim against defendant design architect for two apartment complexes, based on a “continuing violation”; the Roanoke U.S. District Court says evidence tying the types of alleged violations at the two complexes and ...

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Environmentalists May File CWA Suit Against ‘Gob Piles’ (access required)

A Big Stone Gap U.S. District Court says plaintiff environmental group has stated a claim under the Clean Water Act for redress against a mining operator for discharges from coal mine “gob piles,” as the CWA allows citizen enforcement suits. ...

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Former Partner Has Claims for Fraud, Tortious Interference (access required)

A plaintiff who had a long-term romantic relationship and a business partnership with defendant, managing a Nelson County horse farm and breeding operation, can sue defendant for fraudulent inducement in obtaining her signature on a Second Agreement in which he ...

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