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Extent of plaintiff’s brain injury at issue in auto accident case – $815,000 Settlement (access required)

A pick-up truck driver ran a red light at the intersection of Independence Boulevard and Virginia Beach Boulevard in Virginia Beach, hitting the plaintiff’s car. The 21-year-old plaintiff received standard work-up for concussion at the hospital emergency room. He was ...

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Bicyclist traveling against traffic was struck by van – Defense Verdict (access required)

The plaintiff was riding his bicycle in a slight northeasterly direction across the southbound lanes of the 200 block of N. Birdneck Road in Virginia Beach, toward the Food Lion shopping center entrance, when his bicycle collided with the defendant’s ...

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Podiatrist severed patient’s tibial nerve during foot surgery – $1,700,000 Verdict (access required)

This case arose out of a surgical procedure performed in 2009. Defendant podiatrist performed a total ankle replacement on the plaintiff. During the course of the operation, defendant severed plaintiff’s posterior tibial nerve. The allegation in the case was that ...

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Plaintiff needed shoulder surgery after three-car fender-bender – $160,747 Verdict (access required)

The plaintiff was a 43-year-old woman who was involved in a three-car motor vehicle collision in Virginia Beach. Defendant was operating the last vehicle in the line, another individual was operating the middle vehicle, and plaintiff was operating the first ...

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Rear-end collision aggravated prior slip & fall injury – $116,000 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff was rear-ended by a work truck of the defendant. The impact caused rear end frame damage to the plaintiff’s pick-up truck. The plaintiff had recently had a slip-and-fall accident at his job, which had injured the same area of ...

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