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Court Rules on ‘Transaction of Public Business’ (access required)

In resolving petitioners’ request under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act to a former member of the Saltville Town Council for communications, including email communications, with a town employee between certain dates, the Smyth County Circuit Court considers what constitutes ...

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Owners May Sue for Storm Drainage Damage (access required)

Although plaintiff landowners did not appeal the county’s denial of their claim for damages to their property allegedly arising from the county’s failure to maintain a storm drainage system, the statutes governing their initial claim are not their exclusive remedy, ...

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Lender’s First-Refusal & Fraud Claims Advance (access required)

A Fairfax Circuit Court says a plaintiff who made a loan to defendant corporation, in exchange for a promissory note and right of first refusal to purchase the company’s assets, can sue for fraudulent conveyance and intentional interference with his ...

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Owners’ Association Scores Attorney’s Fees (access required)

An Alexandria Circuit Court awards defendant condominium unit owners’ association $65,375 in attorney’s fees and $597 in costs under Va. Code Sec. 55-79.53(A), in a suit filed by an owner who sought compensation for property damage from a shower leak ...

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No Indemnity for ‘Inherently Dangerous’ Road Project (access required)

A Roanoke County Circuit Court says a landowner who hired an independent contractor to dig a hole in one lane of a four-lane highway (with the required permit) for installation of a new water line, is not liable for contribution ...

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