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State Employee Wins Reinstatement & Back Pay (access required)

A Chesapeake Circuit Court reinstates with back pay a Department of Corrections captain who was fired after testing positive for marijuana. Petitioner appeals a final decision upholding his termination from the Department of Corrections for a positive marijuana result to ...

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No Discovery of Driver’s Statements to Carrier (access required)

A defendant driver in this auto-accident case does not have to give plaintiff statements defendant made to her liability insurance carrier that prompted the carrier to open an investigation file; a Salem Circuit Court says the documents requested were work ...

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IT Contractor Wins Non-Compete Damages from Sub (access required)

A government IT contractor who hired defendant subcontractor to provide SAP/ERP consulting services wins $172,395.95 from the sub, who violated a non-compete that prevented him from working for either of two companies for 12 months after he left, in this ...

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Court Construes Contract’s Financing Clause (access required)

In this first-impression case, a Salem Circuit Court says inserting the handwritten phrase “subject to approval of financing” into a real estate contract’s clause on the closing date makes the purchase contingent on the buyer’s ability to obtain financing. There ...

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No ECOA Standing from Minority-Enterprise Status (access required)

In this suit by an Indian business man and his four businesses alleging a claim against a commercial lender under Virginia’s Equal Credit Opportunity Act, a Fairfax Circuit Court says the minority-owned business certification of two of the corporate plaintiffs ...

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