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No Legal Malpractice Claim for Securities Law Advice (access required)

Although plaintiff investment businesses allege defendants’ faulty advice on securities law has exposed them to state and federal investigations and possible disgorgement of capital, a Richmond Circuit Court says plaintiffs have not stated a claim for legal malpractice because they ...

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Park Vendor Has Conversion Claim for Kiosk Use (access required)

A Hanover Circuit Court refuses to set aside a jury verdict finding defendant Kings Dominion Amusement Park liable for damages for conversion of a concessions kiosk operated by plaintiff business; plaintiff may proceed with a claim for unjust enrichment, but ...

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‘Harsh Result,’ But Refiled Personal Injury Suit Dismissed (access required)

In this personal injury litigation after a 2005 auto accident, with multiple complaints filed by plaintiff passenger and the intervening death of defendant driver, a Fairfax Circuit Court says plaintiff’s complaint filed in 2010 is time-barred. On Oct. 23, 2005, ...

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Claim for Accounting ‘Negligence’ Dismissed (access required)

Plaintiff trusts who are suing defendant CPA for $25 million for allegedly providing “negligent tax advice, preparation of tax returns and relating accounting services” over a 12-year period are claiming accounting malpractice, and a Martinsville Circuit Court says accounting malpractice, ...

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