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No Deferral to ‘Treating Physician’ in VRS Disability (access required)

A school office assistant loses her appeal of the Virginia Retirement System’s denial of a disability pension for her claims of headaches and cognitive defects from fibromuscular dysplasia; a Fairfax Circuit Court says a VRS disability determination does not require ...

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Lawyer Has No Defamation Claim for Draft Complaint (access required)

A Fairfax Circuit Court says lawyers who sent prospective defendants an unfiled “draft complaint” for an employment discrimination claim, “for settlement purposes,” have an absolute privilege from a defamation claim filed by another lawyer named in the draft complaint and ...

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IRA Withdrawal Penalty is Dissipation of Marital Estate (access required)

A Hanover County Circuit Court says wife’s use of $17,180 from the parties’ IRA was for proper purposes such as payment for attorney’s fees, the children’s college expenses, car repairs and household expenses, but the $5,727 tax penalty she incurred ...

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