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Court Orders Constructive Trust for Stepsons (access required)

In two adult sons’ suit against their stepmother as third-party beneficiaries of their parents’ post-nuptial agreement, a Roanoke County Circuit Court says the sons are entitled to only 50 percent of their father’s life insurance proceeds, and the court imposes ...

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Claim for Discharge Without Good Cause Advances (access required)

A Fairfax Circuit Court overrules defendant’s demurrer to plaintiff’s claim for breach of contract, as defendants’ claims of sovereign immunity are reserved for trial. Defendants’ demurrer to count II, a claim for discharge without good cause is likewise overruled. The ...

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Conversion Claim Based on Value of Fill-Dirt (access required)

Plaintiff business has stated claims for trespass and conversion against defendant company, which owns and is developing adjacent real estate for a hotel, for the company’s alleged trespass onto plaintiff’s property for excavation and removal of fill dirt, and the ...

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