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VSB: Lawyer pursued appeal without merit (access required)

VSB resp2

A veteran lawyer who persisted with appellate arguments that had already been rejected by the courts has agreed to a reprimand from the Virginia State Bar. The public reprimand without terms is the first disciplinary blemish on the 34-year record ...

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Dangling ‘cluster’ backs driver’s stop (access required)


The Virginia Court of Appeals has handed down yet another decision on the commonwealth’s “dangling objects” statute. And yet another defendant is going to prison. The intermediate court declined an opportunity to review the constitutionality of the statute, Virginia Code ...

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Woman not liable for support payback (access required)


A woman does not have to repay nearly $600,000 in temporary support and attorney’s fees to the man she thought was her husband, even though a court declared their marriage void. The Court of Appeals upheld the trial court’s decision ...

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Adoption severs visitation rights of grandparents (access required)


An adoption order severs the visitation rights of a child’s biological grandparents, the Virginia Court of Appeals has held. The court construed a 1997 legislative change that made it clear that General Assembly intended to break the connection between a ...

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Court: Reservation of support not justified (access required)


A trial judge who described an adulterous wife’s conduct as “beyond reprehensible” failed to justify awarding her a reservation of spousal support, the Court of Appeals said when it reversed that decision May 5. Granting a divorce on the ground ...

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