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Parents who lost son denied visits with grandchild (access required)

A mother could cut off contact between her two-year-old son and his paternal grandparents, whose own son had joint custody of the child, but who died in an auto accident when the grandson was barely two years old. In a ...

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Husband’s use of joint accounts upheld (access required)

A high-earning husband did not have to reimburse marital accounts used to pay temporary spousal support and his legal expenses after the parties separated, according to a new decision by the Court of Appeals of Virginia. The husband’s payments – ...

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Doctors’ Comp: Physicians who treat hurt workers resist low network fees (access required)

There is constant tension between doctors and workers’ compensation carriers over how much to pay medical providers to treat injured workers. The stakes are high because payment for care runs into the multi-millions of dollars for employers. The score was ...

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Judges could not use foreign law in divorce (access required)

With foreign-born persons now representing more than 11 percent of Virginia’s population, and more than 20 percent in three Northern Virginia counties, courts are being called upon more often to interpret foreign law, especially in divorce cases. One bill introduced ...

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Wife has ‘dramatic’ investment growth, but keeps support (access required)

A husband lost his appeal saying a divorce court should have further reduced his spousal support payments, in an opinion released by the Court of Appeals of Virginia on Oct. 16. Husband Murray Wright argued that his ex-wife Nancy Wright ...

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