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Summary Affirmances (access required)

The Virginia Court of Appeals has summarily affirmed the following decisions based on the reasoning of the lower tribunal: Wilson v. Fairfax Connector, No. 0243-13-4, Aug. 20, 2013, holding that the commission did not err in finding the statute of ...

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Mother’s Loses Rights for Allowing Others in Home (access required)

The Court of Appeals summarily affirms the trial court terminating mother’s rights to her child under Va. Code § 16.1-283(C)(2):  clear and convincing evidence shows mother could not or would not substantially remedy the conditions requiring foster care after receiving ...

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Expert ‘Side-Switching’ on Insanity Allowed (access required)

The “side-switching” doctrine does not bar a court-appointed psychologist who initially said defendant was insane at the time he abducted his family at gunpoint, from revising her findings and later testifying for the prosecution; the Court of Appeals affirms defendant’s ...

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Employer Cannot Recoup Payments Before Sentencing (access required)

The Court of Appeals affirms the decision of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission denying employer’s request to terminate benefits prior to employee’s sentencing; Va. Code §§ 65.2-510.1(A) and -708(A) authorize prospective relief and we decline to exercise our equitable powers ...

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