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DWI Prosecution Barred After Reckless Conviction (access required)

A defendant’s general district court conviction of reckless driving bars his felony prosecution for DWI, fourth offense, arising from the same single-car accident, and the Court of Appeals reverses defendant’s conviction on a conditional guilty plea. The circuit court denied ...

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Circumstantial Evidence Backs Robbery, Firearm Convictions (access required)

The Court of Appeals affirms defendant’s robbery and firearm convictions, based on his presence in a vehicle that matched the description of a vehicle that carried four young men allegedly involved in an early-morning street robbery about 15 minutes earlier, ...

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Claimant’s Surgery Covered Under ‘Imposition’ Doctrine (access required)

Although claimant’s hand surgery for rheumatoid arthritis was unrelated to her work-related wrist fracture, employer is liable for the cost of her hand surgery under the doctrine of imposition, the Court of Appeals says, as the representative for employer’s workers’ ...

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