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Handling of Victim Interview Tape Violates Brady (access required)

On rehearing en banc, the Court of Appeals reverses and remands defendant’s jury trial convictions for taking indecent liberties with his stepchild, aggravated sexual battery and animate object penetration; the commonwealth’s failure to disclose before trial a recording of victim’s ...

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Summary Dispositions (access required)

The Virginia Court of Appeals has summarily disposed of the following appeals in unpublished opinions: 7-Eleven Inc. #11070 v. Drew, Record No. 2613-11-2, May 8, 2012, upholding a finding that employer is responsible for surgery and replacement of a quad ...

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Rehearing Granted (access required)

On June 5, 2012, the Virginia Court of Appeals granted rehearing en banc in its May 1 decision in Muse Construction Group Inc. v. Commonwealth of Va. Board of Contractors (VLW 012-7-116). The panel decision said the circuit court erred ...

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