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12 Steps, 25 Years: Lawyers Helping Lawyers marks anniversary (access required)

In its 25 years of serving impaired attorneys, Lawyers Helping Lawyers has reached out to lawyers wherever they can: at home, in the office, even in judges’ chambers. But one longtime supporter says they’ve only touched the “tip of the ...

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LEO addresses plea deal restriction

A prosecutor cannot offer a plea agreement to a defense attorney that makes not disclosing the identity of a witness to the defendant a condition of the deal, according to the Virginia State Bar’s Standing Committee on Legal Ethics. The ...

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LEO on undisclosed recordings adopted

The Standing Committee on Legal Ethics of the Virginia State Bar finally has a formal position on the troublesome issue of using undisclosed recordings to investigate and develop a case. The committee adopted Legal Ethics Opinion 1802, which shifts the ...

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With VSB funds up, agency needs emerge (access required)

When the Virginia State Bar’s operating reserve was dropping, the discussion was about how soon dues would go up. Does a surplus dictate a decrease in dues? Richmond lawyer W. David Harless posed the question last week at a meeting ...

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