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The VLW High Five: 5 tips for speaking up

Blame the Socratic method. The biggest hang-up lawyers have about public speaking is fear, said University of Virginia School of Law professor Molly Bishop Shadel, who teaches oral advocacy. Coupled with potentially high stakes – a jury trial or a ...

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The VLW High Five: 5 Tips to avoid procrastination

It happens to the best of us. Files may be piling up on the desk, but a game of solitaire or a quick Internet search for the best-dressed celebrities at the Emmy Awards gets in the way. Procrastination: We all ...

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The VLW High Five: 5 Great Legal Quotations

From Shakespeare to Supreme Court justices to Johnnie Cochran, quotations about the law, lawyers and even specific cases are part of our daily vernacular. It was a challenge narrowing the list down to just five great quotations (apologies to Mark ...

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