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The VLW Quick 10: Circuit Court ‘Quickest 10’ (access required)

The Supreme Court of Virginia has released its latest statistical abstract on the commonwealth’s courts. One focal point for evaluating how business gets done is Virginia circuit courts’ rate of compliance with a voluntary guideline to conclude civil cases within ...

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The VLW Quick 10: Taking License

Have you ever thought about getting a law-related vanity license plate for your car? If you have, you’re not alone, there apparently are a lot of lawyer vanity plates out there. We haven’t seen them all, but we have seen ...

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The VLW Quick 10: Judges’ Nicknames (access required)

Nicknames that sounded good when you were 15 may not work as well when you’re 25 and may well be used by only your oldest and closest friends when other folks more often address you as, “Your honor.” Match this ...

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The VLW Quick 10: Cases about food (access required)

You eat every day, contemplating only digestion, not litigation. Yet there has been a steady stream of lawsuits over food since the earliest reported cases. Here are a few of more recent vintage, all from Virginia: 1. Buckshot in the ...

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VLW Quick 10: Closing Arguments in the Movies (access required)

Litigators say that trying a case means telling a story. Lots of lawyer movies follow a narrative arc up to a climactic closing argument. Some of the summations in this list of flicks caused fireworks, some landed with a thud. ...

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Lawyer Could-Have-Beens (access required)

The following 10 people earned a law degree but moved into a different line of work instead of law practice: 1. Tony LaRussa Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. Law degree from Florida State. 2. Steve Young Hall of Fame ...

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