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Workers’ Comp – Injury By Accident – Massie Rule – Claimant’s Pain (access required)

A claimant’s testimony that she “twisted her body” and “felt something pull” in her lower back when she was attempting to assist a disabled patient by lifting her from a wheelchair onto the toilet, support claimant’s assertion of an identifiable ...

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Driver distracted by cell phone gets comp

Here’s a case where a driver distracted by a cell-phone call could show that the resulting accident was covered by workers’ comp. Hospice nurse Donna Turpin sought medical payments for whiplash she suffered when she went off the road after ...

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Workers’ Comp – De Facto Award Doctrine – Voluntary Payments (access required)

The Court of Appeals reverses the commission’s award of benefits to claimant Scott Patton under the de factoaward doctrine, which effectively precluded the employer from exercising its statutory right to contest compensability of the claim. In the alternative, the commission ...

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Taking light-duty job not enough to keep comp

An injured drugstore employee who wanted to keep her workers’ comp benefits needed to do more than accept the light-duty job offered by her employer, the Virginia Court of Appeals said today. She needed to keep looking for work, the ...

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