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Second Carrier Covers Later Disability Benefits (access required)

In this coverage dispute between two workers’ compensation carriers, the Court of Appeals holds that the carrier that was liable for claimant’s most recent compensable condition was responsible for payment of claimant’s ongoing temporary total disability benefits. On all dates ...

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Doctors’ Comp: Physicians who treat hurt workers resist low network fees (access required)

There is constant tension between doctors and workers’ compensation carriers over how much to pay medical providers to treat injured workers. The stakes are high because payment for care runs into the multi-millions of dollars for employers. The score was ...

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Claimant’s Surgery Covered Under ‘Imposition’ Doctrine (access required)

Although claimant’s hand surgery for rheumatoid arthritis was unrelated to her work-related wrist fracture, employer is liable for the cost of her hand surgery under the doctrine of imposition, the Court of Appeals says, as the representative for employer’s workers’ ...

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