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Salesman Marketed within Capacity (access required)

The Court of Appeals affirms the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission decision awarding a 63-year old auto parts salesman temporary partial disability benefits; employee worked within the tolerance of his physical condition; his own testimony, corroborated by his wife, sufficiently established ...

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House denies fix for comp presumption

The House of Delegates Wednesday squelched a legislative effort to help injured workers who cannot recall the circumstances of their accident. The House rejected a proposal by Gov. Bob McDonnell to clarify that a presumption in favor of coverage applies ...

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No Benefits on Conflicting Medical Testimony (access required)

The Court of Appeals affirms the commission’s majority decision denying benefits to an employee injured by electrical shock; the conflicting medical testimony of four physicians and a case manager support the majority’s conclusion that employee failed to prove continuing disability ...

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Shipyard bill may have unintended consequences (access required)

A controversial bill to remove state workers’ compensation protection for some shipyard employees could have the unintended effect of increasing negligence claims and lawsuits arising out of shipyard accidents, workers’ comp lawyers warn. Virginia shipyards narrowly won General Assembly approval ...

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