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One More Joins Court-Appointed Protest Movement

Dear Editor:

Your Sept. 9, 1996 edition carried the letter from Steven Rosenfield of Charlottesville and his decision not to accept state court-appointed cases during the month of November. The reasons stated reflect many concerns which I have had for years, even though I am not appointed in any significant number of criminal cases in my area.

I am a member of the Virginia College of Criminal Defense Attorneys and have known Steven Rosenfield as a highly competent advocate for several years. His gesture came as a surprise.

For the month of November I will also refuse any offered court-appointed cases. While, as Mr. Rosenfield points out, the effort may be only symbolic, it is a position that needs to be taken.

I salute my friend, Steven Rosenfield, and join him in his protest, not as an act of friendship, but because I remember my oath as an attorney and that feeling of pride and responsibility when I raised my hand and took that oath.

David P. Baugh


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