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N&P Bar Lauds 8 Remaining Judges On Norfolk Bench

Dear Editor:

The case of resigned Circuit Court Judge Luther C. Edmonds has been the subject of several articles in the Norfolk newspaper, as well as one Oct. 7 in Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

With no knowledge of the Edmonds case, neither the citizenry in general nor the local bar in particular is in a position to take sides or attempt to judge the merits of the case.

One thing, however, is crystal clear: The recent news articles present only one side of what transpired. The remaining eight Circuit Court Judges in Norfolk are bound by law not to comment on the case. They cannot defend themselves when the press prints allegations against them of racial discrimination, improper supervision (of bondsmen), and failing to carry out their administrative responsibilities.

For a very different reason (because it is not privy to the facts), the organized bar cannot defend Mr. Edmonds or the sitting judges. However, the members of the Executive Committee of the Norfolk-Portsmouth Bar Association have collectively had extensive experience before the judges of the Norfolk Circuit Court, and speaking on behalf of the Executive Committee, I wish to express in general, without reference to the facts of this case, and without reservation, the high level of confidence of the Executive Committee in the integrity, the diligence and the lack of racial bias of the eight sitting judges of the Norfolk Circuit Court.

Howard W. Martin Jr.


Norfolk & Portsmouth Bar Association

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