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Billboard: ‘Life’s Short. Get a Divorce’

It hasn’t been a good month so far for the image of lawyers.

First there was the judge in DC who filed the $67 million lawsuit over a lost pair of pants. Amazingly, his claim is going forward, with a June trial date. The latest on that story: Supporters have rallied around the Korean couple that runs the defendant cleaners, starting a defense fund in their behalf.

Now there is a billboard in Chicago that counsels, “Life’s short. Get a divorce.” The billboard is located in an upscale area known as “Viagra Triangle” for its trendy singles bars and restaurants. It features two hot bodies: A babe with heaving cleavage and a hunk with rippling abs.

For the record, lawyers and bar leaders in Chicago have blasted Corri Fetman, the divorce lawyer behind the billboard. Fetman counters criticism by saying lawyer advertising is boring and that her billboard “promotes happiness.”

So what would the Virginia State Bar’s advertising committee do if someone posted one of these here?

And what would lawyers here think if it showed up in Virginia Beach or Alexandria or Richmond? The floor’s open.


  1. The ad is merely tacky, not fraudulent or misleading

  2. What’s next? How about a white-collar defense firm with a billboard that says, “Life’s short. Commit accounting fraud.”

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