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When Glenn met Phil …

Glenn Lewis, president of the Virginia Bar Association and divorce law expert, is no stranger to television.

Lewis (pictured at right) had his own cable TV gig in Fairfax for years. During the Bush-Gore ballot count in 2000, he was a stateside commentator for the BBC.

Lewis has taken his game to a new level.

Last week, he was on Dr. Phil. Really. Dr. Phil, the enormously popular TV shrink. Big bald guy from Texas. Just look in any bookstore. You can’t miss him.

Dr. Phil highlighted a case from Virginia that, frankly, is a little creepy. In a feature called, “Obsessive Love,” a guy named Jeffrey is so obsessed with his wife Jennifer that he follows her every move. He agrees to seek treatment, but won’t let go.

Lewis is the woman’s lawyer and appeared on Dr. Phil’s show with her. Lewis managed to get a “No Contact Order” entered against Jeffrey. Jeffrey wouldn’t play ball with the “Dr. Phil” crew after a while, revoking the consent he granted to his counselors to talk to the show. He traveled from California to Virginia and was arrested “just miles from Jennifer.”

Apparently Jeffrey is now “in jail, without bond, awaiting trial,” according to Dr. Phil’s team.

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