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Scott: Abolish mandatory sentencing guidelines

Rep. Bobby Scott, D-Va., has vowed to abolish federal mandatory sentencing guidelines, reports The Daily Press.

Scott, chair of the House Judiciary subcommittee on crime, held hearings in Washington this past week. The leading witness was a federal judge from Utah who noted that he was compelled by the guidelines to give a first-time offender who carried but didn’t use or display a gun during a drug deal a total of 55 years; later that same day he sentenced a murderer to 22 years.

Scott’s Republican colleague, Rep. Randy Forbes of Chesapeake, countered that while the sentencing system may have problems, it can be fine-tuned instead of scrapped.

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  1. The current sentencing guidelines are causeing first time offenders (including mothers and fathers) to be placed into prisons at an average cost of over $32k/year where these people represent little or not threat to society and/or their likely hood of repeat offences has been seriously diminished by the very fact that they have been convicted of a felony and will, in most cases, never be able to serve in their previous jobs again.

    It’s a waste to society, the tax payer, and creates new victoms out of torn families. People in the USA appear to hold the life of someone who has commited any type of crime, with less regard then that of an aminal in a dog pound.

    Our criminal punishment system is a discrace to our country and anyone who supports it, either knows nothing about it.

    Given that the US has the highest incarseration rate in the world now, sooner or later, even the critics will find themselves in front of a Judge, with a Prosecutor whose sole mission is to put the person in jail for as long as possible, without any regard for the circumstances.

    I’m investing in Jails.

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