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#4 – $12,264,302, including pre-judgment interest

Ritzmann v. Miller Oil Company Inc.

Type of Case: Personal injury, mild traumatic brain injury

Court: Hampton Circuit Court

Attorneys: Stephen M. Smith, Hampton; Edward E. Scher, Richmond

Summary: Annette Ritzmann slipped on a wet spot on the sidewalk outside a Miller Mart convenience store in Williamsburg. She landed on her chest and chin on the pavement eight inches below the walk.

She alleged that she suffered from short-term memory loss, fatigue, stress, dizziness and depression and was no longer able to operate the beauty salon that had about 20 employees at the time of the fall.

While the jury was deliberating, the parties entered into a high-low agreement in which Ritzmann would receive no more than $6 million, the limit of the defendant’s insurance coverage, and no less than $1.5 million.

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