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One costly bowl of chili

A Roanoke general district judge has given 30 days in jail to a guy accused of ordering, then not paying for, a bowl of chili at the Texas Tavern.

The Texas Tavern is the only 24-hour restaurant in downtown Roanoke.

The tab for the chili was $1.66. The accused man, Charles B. Ogle, testified that he left $2 on the counter before leaving. A surveillance video shows Ogle angrily arguing with a Tavern employee after the incident.

But Judge Skip Burkart said the video could be of a guy wrongly accused or a guy upset that he got caught. Burkart gave Ogle 30 days, 26 suspended, on a misdemeanor charge of defrauding the restaurant.

The Roanoke Times reports that Ogle has appealed his conviction to circuit court. Stay tuned.

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