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General Assembly: Judges and more judges

The General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn this weekend, but there is some currently unfinished business on selection of judges.

With the House of Delegates in the hands of the Rs and the Senate controlled by the Ds, it will take plenty of horsetrading to get the seats filled.

The two Courts of Justice committees are scheduled to conduct judicial interviews this afternoon; Norfolk Circuit Judge Chuck Griffith is to appear, explaining why he should be given another term on the bench.

The judicial selection process, including the political tinge, is making its way into the daily newspapers:

Several open or pending judgeships in South Hampton Roads could remain vacant after the General Assembly adjourns, if a political stalemate between the parties isn’t resolved, reports The Virginian-Pilot.

And out west there is another disagreement that could end up falling on party lines:

Two candidates for a seat on the Roanoke general district court – Chris Clemens and Donald Caldwell – will be in Richmond this afternoon for interviews with legislators, reports the Roanoke Times. The new judge will succeed Judge Julian Raney, who is retiring.

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