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Bar stays out of judicial appointments

Judy Rosenblatt wanted her colleagues on the executive committee of the Virginia State Bar to send a letter to General Assembly members stating the committee’s displeasure at the failure of the legislature to fill judicial vacancies.

Almost 30 appointments are pending, but Rosenblatt was most upset yesterday about Court of Appeals Judges Robert J. Humphreys and Jean Harrison Clements. All the other appointments involve open seats, but Humphreys will go off the bench for at least eight days on April 15. Clements’ term doesn’t expire until June.

The General Assembly will reconvene April 23 and is expected to take up the appointments then.

EC member Irv Blank disagreed with Rosenblatt. “The best thing we can do is not put our foot in that tar baby. . . . That is a lose-lose situation” for the VSB, he said.

“I think we need to support our own judiciary,” Rosenblatt insisted.

Blank responded, “If it’s not taken care of on the 23rd, we ought to raise holy hell. It’s really silly juvenile politics.”

VSB President Howard Martin sided with Blank and, with that, the committee moved on to another topic.

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