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…And justice for all. Enter by the side door, please.

The United States Supreme Court is one of the world’s most imposing government buildings. The facade is designed to impress, with 44 steps leading to the columned entrance. The Court’s own website describes the doors:

“One can enter the building through the opened bronze doors of the west front, each of which weighs six and one-half tons and slides into a wall recess when open. The door panels, sculpted by John Donnelly, Jr., depict historic scenes in the development of law: the trial scene from the shield of Achilles, as described in the Iliad; a Roman praetor publishing an edict; Julian and a pupil; Justinian publishing the Corpus Juris; King John sealing the Magna Carta; the Chancellor publishing the first Statute of Westminster; Lord Coke barring King James from sitting as a Judge; and Chief Justice Marshall and Justice Story.”

Oh, wait. Looks like we may not be able to go in those doors anymore.

It seems that the Court has a plan for visitors to come in some other door, at the “plaza level,” by-passing those 44 steps to justice. We learned this troubling news from this column (second item).

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