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‘Wrongful birth’ cases are before high court (access required)

One issue: May a father be the patient of an obstetrician

The Supreme Court of Virginia apparently will have the final say on a Fairfax County couple’s claims against two obstetricians based on the birth of twins with Down syndrome. The court’s decisions could provide guidance for medical malpractice lawyers on several critical points, including whether a father can be a patient of an obstetrician. The couple ...


  1. Ken McIntyre MD

    The harm if any is the birth of the Down’s children. If abortion were not an option for them then the whole thing is moot.

    I hope their children don’t find out how disappointed they are.

    Many forms of Social services are available so there is no need to burden the courts with this and ruin some doctors lives!

  2. “We would rather pray for healthy babies and be blessed with whatever God chooses for us.”
    Since they got what “God” chose for them, why are they suing the physicians? Be careful what you wish for.

  3. I feel for the parents. I am sorry! I was a patient and there was so many things thats I was failed to be informed on with my pregnancy. And let me say the last month of my pregnancy, I was only seen 2 times! Not every week. The appointment scheduler always found a way not to make my appointments where they were supposed to be every week. Secondly I have tried numerous times to get my health records. They failed to send them to me when I requested them. I followed their directions and faxed a request, never did I get my records. How am I supposed to obtain them now? Thank goodness no more woman will have to deal with issues like this. This is truely sad. If some one could help me obtain my medical history, then maybe I can move forward with my life. there are things in my file that I need to inform new drs about, but I CANT! My first child pregnancy was a disaster!

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