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Court may rule on school discipline procedure

A King George County circuit judge may entertain a rare court challenge to the way the local school district handles discipline appeals. The law allowing Virginia circuit courts to hear appeals of school discipline cases is restrictive by design. A disgruntled student or parent has only 30 days to file after an adverse school discipline decision. Even if you make it to court on time, the judge can grant relief only if “the school board exceeded its authority, acted arbitrarily or capriciously, or abused its discretion.”

Nevertheless, the King George case is moving ahead. Yesterday, Judge Horace Revercomb heard evidence that the King George school board delegated its discipline appeal authority to a committee of administrative staffers. That arrangement may not comport with state school discipline law. According to the Journal Press, the judge said, “Frankly, I think the statutes have not been complied with.” Pending further proceedings, the judge granted an injunction halting the suspension of the high school student in question.

And, as long as we’re talking about high school matters, we should note that the Supreme Court of Virginia on Tuesday will hear oral arguments in a dispute over where to locate a new Loudoun County High School. The Loudoun Times has the details.

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