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And your mother’s a squid

A couple of Roanoke lawyers who jabbed at each other during closing arguments got the attention of a federal judge in U.S. v. Adams, but neither lawyer stepped over the line barring misconduct. Defendant Robert Adams, a former sergeant in ...

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Pop songs and political hijinks

Reporters have been busy documenting the shenanigans leading up to yesterday’s municipal elections around Virginia. There was a Roanoke candidate who took out newspaper ads without disclosing his identity. In St. Paul, some people registered to vote even though they ...

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Eyebrows in motion

It had escaped our notice until today, but government has gone to You Tube in a big way. Virginia alone has 25 agencies using the do-it-yourself video website. Even Roanoke County has its own You Tube site. The latest entry ...

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New VSB council members elected

Five new members of Virginia State Bar Council prevailed in contested mail ballot elections in the 2nd, 4th, 13th, 14th and 18th circuits. In addition, George W. Shanks moved from an ex officio position as head of the Senior Lawyers ...

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