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High court upholds Randolph-Macon plans

The Supreme Court of Virginia has refused to halt Randolph-Macon’s sex-change operation.

Trustees of the Lynchburg college that is switching from all-female to coed did not breach their contract with entering female students, the Supreme Court of Virginia said today.

In Dodge v. Trustees of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, nine female students filed suit after the trustees of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg announced in 2006 that the school would change its name to Randolph College and transition to a college for both genders. The students alleged they paid their tuition and fees in order to attend a predominantly single-sex college.

The high court said the various documents offered by the students – including standardized acceptance letters and the college’s articles of incorporation – contained no such promise. In an opinion by Chief Justice Leroy Hassell Sr., the Supreme Court upheld dismissal of the women’s suit for failure to plead a contract.

In a related case with the same name, the Supreme Court said the college’s controversial plan to sell artwork that had been donated by alumnae and their families could not be stopped under Virginia laws on trusts or on charitable corporations.

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