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Web site instruction manual: RSS feeds, jobs and us

Seventh in a series of articles on how to use to the new Virginia Lawyers Weekly Web site.

This installment of the Virginia Lawyers Weekly Web site training manual is the last. Next week, we will feature research hypotheticals to show some of the ways you can use the VLW site to perform legal research.
This week, we’ll cover a few last points about the site, from RSS feeds to job-seeking to information about our company and products.

RSS feeds

One of the enhancements to Virginia Lawyers Weekly’s new site is the availability of RSS feeds.

RSS, short for Really Simple Syndication, is a type of Web feed used to deliver news and other time-based content. This feature allows you to gather the latest content (feeds) from different sites into one place (feed reader), eliminating the need to visit each site individually to check for updates. Feed readers, also known as aggregators, are available in software and web-based form. Some popular names include Feedreader, My Yahoo! and Google Reader.

The VLW site currently has four RSS feeds: Weekly Edition (news stories), Opinion Digests, Verdicts & Settlements and the VLW Blog.

To find a link to an RSS feed from our site, click on the orange square icon in the top right corner of any recent news article, Verdict & Settlement Report or Opinion Digest. To access the feed for the VLW blog, follow this link: https://valawyersweekly.com/rss. Add the feed to the aggregator of your choice, and you will be kept up to date with our most current material.

Classifieds: Jobs and more

The Virginia Lawyers Weekly Web site maintains a classified section that provides Virginia-specific job postings; these same listings appear in the hard-copy print product. Each week’s job openings are posted on Monday morning.

Click on the “Classifieds” tab toward the far right of the menu bar, then look under the “Find a Job” entry.

Lawyers who are looking for a colleague with a specific specialty can peruse the “Lawyer to Lawyer” section to see if there is another lawyer who might help with a case. Some of the discrete areas include legal ethics to lemon law to brain injury law to complex litigation.

This item also appears as a drop-down item under the “Classifieds” tab.


While the classifieds section includes different listings from people who have chosen to advertise with Virginia Lawyers Weekly, the Web site includes information for those who contemplate placing an advertisement.

Under the “Advertise” tab, a potential advertiser can find the VLW Editorial Calendar, and an online Media Kit, currently under construction, will be posted shortly.

To get more information from our Ad Director, to place a classified ad or to get data on legal marketing, click on the “Contact a Rep” item under the “Advertise” tab. You can send an e-mail message directly or get the phone number to place the call.
And last, a word about us…

Finally, the far right tab, entitled “Our Publications,” provides information about our company, our newspapers and our other product lines.

Virginia Lawyers Media has published the Virginia Medical Law Report since April 2004. This bi-monthly newspaper provides important legal-medical news for physicians and others in the health care field in Virginia. A new Web site for the VMLR is under construction and should debut by the end of July 2008.

We began publication of the Business Law Bulletin of Virginia in April of this year, and the Web site for this new paper debuted in May (www.blbva.com). The BLB, also published bimonthly, provides the legal news that businesspeople in the commonwealth need to run their businesses.

Click on the “Editorial Team” item and you’ll get brief professional bios of our publisher and editors.

Virginia Lawyers Weekly is one of 21 business units operated by Dolan Media Company across the country. If you click on the bottom drop-down item, you’ll be directed to our main company site, where you can learn more about our Minneapolis-based parent.

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