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A Good Place to Live

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell stepped in a pile last week, insulting the people of Bristol. Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama was in Southwest Virginia, appearing with former Gov. Mark Warner, who is running for the Senate seat being vacated by Republican John Warner.

Mitchell noted that Obama and Warner were together, calling the image of them in Bristol “interesting.”

She continued: “This is real [laugh] redneck, sort of…um, bordering on Appalachia country.” Mitchell added, “This is not the Northern Virginia, uh, sort of high-tech corridor. These are not voters [Obama] would logically be gravitating to.”

You can catch the whole thing on YouTube.

As campaign “analysis,” Mitchell’s comment calls for an almost obligatory “No [kidding], Sherlock” rejoinder that of course a candidate should go after votes he might not otherwise get.

But the people of the Mountain Empire don’t like to overlooked. Or insulted. Mitchell’s ignorant regional comment was met forcefully. Take a look at the column by Todd Foster, the editor of the Bristol Herald Courier.

Mitchell apologized on-air Monday. But she seemed to dismiss the epithet “redneck” as one used by “consultants” to characterize certain voters.

“I owe an apology to the good people of Bristol, Virginia, for something stupid that I said last week,” she noted.

Stupid doesn’t begin to describe it.

By Paul Fletcher

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